Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Target Baby

Target outing
D and I went to Target this morning. Have I told you how much he loves Target? Or at least he'd better, he'll be spending a lot of time there over the next many years. Anyway to there we were and I was walking through the infant and toddler section and I saw these adorable little cold-weather vests, in red and in green camo print. So I take one of each and I show them to Donovan and ask him which one he likes better. He looks at the red one, then then looks at the camo print one and grabs the hem of it and puts it in his mouth. I take it away and to double-check hold each in front of him again, and ask him which one he likes better. He looks at the red one for several seconds, then back at the camo one for several seconds, then he (I kid you not) looks right at me and puts his hand on the camo vest. As if he were trying to say, "Um, MOM I already TOLD you I like this one better."

So I bought the vest. Because how can I say no to that? (I may be in trouble once he actually start talking and telling me he wants things on his own)



    Well, you were going to buy him one of the vests anyway, you were just asking which one. Giving him choices! Helping him realize he does have an influence over his surroundings and all that.

    I miss him :(

  2. Jackie6:53 PM

    He suddenly looks so much older.

  3. haha! Be careful.
    The other day I took A to the store and had her try on a Dora backpack. I intended to get one anyway, but was trying to find the right size. It ended with me chasing her around the store, her yelling "nooooo maman!!!" Me trying to get off the too big backpack she refused to shed....we bought it.

    Before you know it he'll be dictating.



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