Thursday, October 23, 2008

That's one squirmy fussosaurus

D has been alternating between smiley and adorable, and perfect impersonations of a Fussosaurus-Rex, these days. I'm blaming it on two things: first, he appears to possibly be constipated. Every so often he just starts straining, he gets kinda upset, and nothing happens. It's amazing to me how his poop can go from runny goo to rabbit pellets literally from one day to another, but I guess he's just a weird kid (to the non-parents reading this post-- so sorry). I think I'll get him some prunes tomorrow. Second, his fourth (FOURTH!) tooth looks like it's just about ready to break through. I'm really hoping this is the last one for a while, as we've been going at a rate of about 1 new tooth every week or so lately.

Whether the fussing is actually attributed to these things, or if they are indeed even happening, I have no idea. Sometimes parenting feels like one big guessing game ("Blinken, what are you doing up there?" "Guessing? I... guess nobody's coming?").

He's also been kinda whiney at meal times. He absolutely loves those Gerber puff things, and I swear would eat an entire meal of just those (can I do that?). He'll have moments of taking in his puree, but I kinda have to shovel in what I can when he's up for it because it'll last about 30 seconds before he decides NO MORE OF THAT. I want to try giving him more foods as finger foods, but really anything that's in small enough pieces and soft enough so that I feel comfortable with him being able to gum up, is then way too hard for him to pick up with his fingers (tried banana one time, even I couldn't pick up most of those sticky pieces off the tray). Advice?

I bought some very cute two-piece pajamas for D today. He was gonna need some soon as half of his current set are sized to 9 months and they're starting to feel tight. But the bigger reason, is that the days of D sitting still for a diaper/clothing change are behind us, and snaps are close to impossible to do up when he's wriggling and turning over and trying to crawl away and screaming at me the entire time b/c I'm trying to keep him somewhat still. I'm figuring the top-and-bottom style (no snapping required!) should be a little easier to deal with. (Case in point: Zach's getting D ready for bed tonight, and he just came out here to get me to help put his sleep sack on b/c he couldn't do it on his own.) For this same reason (extreme squirminess), we've also decided to give up on using his changing table, and have set his changing pad on the floor. Zach and I would both rather deal with bending down and sore knees than the very real possibility of D doing a sommersault off the changing table. I've found this is another advantage of the gDiapers, btw-- since they velcro in the back, it's almost easier to just let him roll over to his tummy and put them on that way.


  1. I totally agree about gdiapers being easier to fasten up with a squirmy baby!

    With my daughter's puree, I add some Eden Organic Alphabet Pasta to it. She just loves it - nice amount of fiber (could do him some good - see more below on this), very high in protein, and it adds texture.

    Prunes can sometimes cause gas. If this happens, you can try pear juice - easier on the stomach and I've had to use it with my daughter since she was weeks old - yes, she's had "issues" on and off since almost day one.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I can't believe he is getting his fourth tooth already! We have been stuck on 2 for 3 months now! His pajamas are so cute :)

  3. Once he's on the floor, throw your leg over him to hold him down, just don't squish him. Ryan got so wiggly I would strap her down on the changing table so she couldn't get away.

  4. I crush up cereal or use wheat germ to coat the bananas. I just did it yesterday with bananas, kiwi and pears. E gobbled it right down. I also used to give E toast with fruit puree spread in very tiny pieces.

  5. Jackie9:18 AM

    I wonder if you could try frozen banana? Might be easier to pick up and the coolness might sooth his gums.

  6. What I'm jealous of is how close you are to the stores that I love shopping at for clothes.. I guess it gives me the excuse to have to visit California! But then it's a good thing so that I don't shop too much!

    Congrats on the recycling and staying green thing.. We do our part here by walking and biking. I don't even have a car here!



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