Monday, October 13, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Donovan tried Cheerios for the first time this morning. Was reminded of just how difficult seemingly simple tasks, like picking small items up with your fingers and then getting them into your mouth, are to babies. But he seemed to like them and had fun gumming them in his mouth. I got it on video, will be online... eventually.

Zach got an email update claiming our shipment has arrived on shore. WOOT! Even better, they said that because our paperwork was in early we may already be cleared by customs (double WOOT!), but don't have confirmation of that yet. We need to be out of our temp place by Monday, and we're planning on being able to get a hold of a last few items we'd need to survive at the new place for a week or 2 if needed, but it sure would be nice if we could get all our things by the weekend.

I'm also kinda wigging out at realizing that we only have this week to do 1) buy a washer and dryer, 2) get internet hooked up at the house, 3) buy small, random household items like a shower curtain rod, and 4) probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.

I have a halloween costume for D! Two, actually, one of which I'm gonna take back. We'd been planning to dress him as a Swiss cow, but then I saw this costume today and thought, "Oh.My.God. Donovan could dress up as the land shark." And how friggin awesome would that be? Ah, decisions, decisions. I actually have no idea what our plans might actually be for Halloween, and have given no thought whatsoever to what costume I might wear. Those are mere details. The important thing is, this is my baby's first halloween and there need to be lots and lots of pictures of him in a ridiculously adorable costume.

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  1. He definitely needs to be the Land Shark. That's hilarious.

    And there is actually quite a good chance that I will be in Austin around Thanksgivingtime. My best friend lives there. I'm going to see her this weekend, actually. It will be really nice.

    And I would absolutely adore playing with Donovan. And er...Meeting you too. I feel like I've been reading about your life for YEARSSS

    I guess I HAVE...

    And have yet to actually meet you.

    Go internet!



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