Sunday, October 05, 2008

sunday ramblings

We got to catch up with our friend Gina last night and this morning, as she came down for a visit from up in Oakland. Turns out she's getting ready to move to Arizona soon which is a bummer for us, but at least we get to see her some before then. Always a cool girl and fun to hang out with, if only sporadically.

Zach went out and bought us our 2nd car today. So we have a '98 CR-V, and an '01 Corolla. The years are different, but otherwise the same cars we had before moving away. The corolla is a stick shift, which Zach's pretty excited about that. Which is amusing to me as before we moved to Europe I'd brought up from time to time the idea of buying a manual car as I kinda missed it, and he always poo-pooed the idea b/c he said manual cars made him car-sick. And now that he's actually learned, he likes it as much if not more than I do. ; ) Anyway, I think Zach will have fun driving Swoop Deux.

D got to try chicken tonight. It's the Gerber jarred kind, and to my surprise he seemed more interested in that than in any of the other food I've presented to him the past week. Surprised, because the stuff kinda smelled a lot like cat food (Sierra was going nuts), while somehow tasting like nothing at all. But he liked it enough to eat small bits of it... and then rub the rest all over his face.

And then afterwards while Zach gave D his bath and then got him to bed, I snuck away to buy some groceries at Trader Joes. BY MYSELF. ON A SUNDAY. AT NIGHT. Let me tell you how nice it is to go shopping, or go anywehre for that matter, without waiting for your ticking time bomb to decide that it's time to get very upset over nothing in particular. Amusingly, I had naively thought, "Hey, it's Sunday night, shouldn't be too many people out as everyone should be home having dinner with their families, right?" HAHAHAHAHA. I forgot that we're in the US now, and no one has family dinners, and Sunday night is instead the night everyone runs their last errands before the next hectic week begins. Even insanely crowded, though, I still very much enjoyed my trip to Trader Joe's and getting some time away from the little one. It's funny the things that become exciting to you when you become a parent.


  1. I know EXACTLY how you felt at Trader Joe's! I've walked there at 9pm after my daughter goes to bed. Oh, the joys of shopping where you can actually read labels and walk through EACH aisle without worrying if you've pushed your luck and should have left 5 minutes ago!

  2. Cat food has a lot less taste than you'd expect from the smell too. Um, don't ask why I know that.



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