Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zach goes skiing, Marcy baby-sits

Thanks to all the snow coming down the past week (ok, not so much here... but at least the mountains have gotten some) there was finally enough snow for Zach to go skiing. He left early this morning to go to France with a couple buddies from work. I had the house to myself for a few hours after that, then I went over to baby-sit for the kid of one of the aforementioned buddies while the wife/mom had her hair done. I've hung out with little Jules (3 yrs old) a couple of times, when we've gone to their house for dinner, but this was my first time sitting for her. She was super-easy though. Such a neat kid. =) Aruna (aka- mom) had given us the thumbs up to watch a movie, but when we popped in The Little Mermaid Jules was much more interested in joking around with me, and half-way through the movie said, "Can we pause this so we can go play?" Aruna also told me how she's trained Jules to ignore commercials on tv-- they call them "nonsense" and has explained to Jules how they're just trying to sell her stuff she doesn't need. Awesome. =P

Aruna came home at about 4pm, and we found out the boys should be getting home somewhat soon after, so I hung out with her and Jules for a while longer as we waited for them and then we all had dinner together. Good times. =) They're a fun couple to know. I was quite shocked though when at one point I mentioned "queso" and they had no idea what I was talking about. I think that's the first time that's ever happened. They're from San Francisco, too, I'd assumed that queso was a staple to all (americanized) Mexican food, but I guess it's more of a Tex-Mex thing after all?

Aruna did say that, if I wanted to, I could probably have all the baby-sitting work I wanted. She apparently has been making friends with lots of other American ex-pats with young children who would love to have an English-speaking baby-sitter available. Might be a nice way to make some extra cash. ; )


  1. thanks for the tip for high heels. i seriously have the most sensitive feet ever and so anything that helps prevent shoe sores is awesome. i plan on running some errands today and i'll make sure i grab some.

    i baby sat a lot last year. it's easy money and can be fun. it all depends on the kid though. the last family i sat for had to pay me a ton of money to keep me from contemplating quitting (as past babysitters have). he was aweful.

  2. I think the "queso" thing is mainly Texan. We get a lot of Texans that eat at my airport location asking if we have "queso." 'Course my staff says, "Yes, we have cheese" (in English) but not understanding that the customer is asking for a cheese dip. It's mildly amusing when I'm there, but I have horrible visions of when I'm not and the staff and customer are aruging over the definition of "queso."

    That said, I did have some at Chili's last week, so maybe it's not just Texas...

  3. Definitely a Texan thing! As Bee said, it's only known as cheese here, but none of my non-Texas-Cali friends seem to know abt the oh-so-deliciously-sinful cheese dip they have down in Texas!

    Babysitting is fun! Esp. with sweet lil' girls!



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