Saturday, March 10, 2007

Update: Car Shopping

We bought a car!!!

Ok, so we tried to find a Peugeot... we really did. We kept researching online and finding several that were listed at various used car dealers, and then we'd show up and find nothing. I don't know if this was b/c they'd just gotten sold, or if the infamously poor customer service of Europe extends to rarely updating online inventories. Anyway, we did find a few Peugeot 307s that we liked (cute little 4-door hatchbacks) but they were kind of on the high end of our price range (we even found a PURPLE one today that was very tempting, but again, too pricey).

So we wound up going back to the Honda Civic that we saw yesterday, and test-driving it, and then buying it. This seemed the best option for several reasons: 1) We know Hondas. They're damn good cars. I still sometimes miss the honda civic I had in college. 2) The stats on it were good, and it was inexpensive (apparently they haven't realized here yet that Japanese cars are really good cars). 3) The guy that helped us out knew Spanish, so we could actually communicate on a level where I understood the vast majority of the words coming out of his mouth, as opposed to the 40%-50% coming out of every other, French-speaking dealer we talked to. Seriously, hardly any of them spoke any English.

It's a 2001 4-door hatchback, standard transmission (but of course!), sky blue in color, very cute. I think it has something like 60k km, about 30k-40k miles? Not bad. We signed some paperwork today, and now we have to wire over the money, figure out how to get one more piece of paper that's apparently needed for the registration (something that says we're allowed to drive in Geneva *rolls eyes* and no it is not related to a driver's license), and then we'll get to pick it up on Thursday, all ready to go.

These are pictures I found online, it's not our car but this is exactly what it looks like:

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