Thursday, March 22, 2007


I played hooky from French class this morning so that I could sleep in a bit, and get to work on unpacking our stuff. I got a lot done this morning, got through a whole bunch of boxes-- yay! Now I'm taking a lunch break, and then I think I'll try to organize some of the stuff I've unpacked, particularly things like clothes. I'm not sure how this is gonna go, as I have a suspicious feeling that I may have more clothes than places to store them in.... We'll, uh, we'll see how it goes.

A guy is supposed to come by this afternoon to (hopefully) fix our washing machine. It's been broken since last Thursday or Friday. We thought someone was coming yesterday, but they sent an electrician... even though electricity is not the problem (it's got plenty of power, as it tries to go through a load cycle and quits after 30 seconds...). We're actually kinda perplexed as it appears that the washer's brand company didn't have anything to do with the electrician coming yesterday, so we honestly don't know why or how he got sent. Then I got a call later yesterday afternoon saying someone was coming out for the washer this afternoon, and I really have no idea what they're gonna do. I hope they fix it, we've got overloading piles of laundry to get through (including our down comforter, which Sierra very conveniently coughed up hairballs all over the other day). Otherwise I may need to find a laundromat and just take our stuff there.

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