Monday, March 05, 2007


WE HAVE INTERNET AT HOME!!!!!! I am so happy! Our phone line got fixed, which means our DSL is now working, and I am sitting at home surfing the 'net as we speak! WOOT! This makes me so happy, y'all. Now I can go on GenevaOnline and ask them all sorts of questions about where to find what. =P

Ok, so sunday Zach and Eva (california coworker who's out here for a few weeks for business) wanted to go skiing. So the 3 of us left early in the morning (ok, it was like 8am) and drove over to La Clusaz, a small mountain town in France that's about 1 hour away. Zach drove, and did great-- he's really getting the hang of this stick-shift thing. =) He even complained about how once you get on the highway "there's nothing to do anymore" lol.

Unfortunately we got to La Clusaz and looked up at the mountains and, well, the snow looked pretty pitiful. There were lots of people skiing, but many of them were skiing over dirt or grass in places. Zach and Eva decided to wait till next week, in hopes of more snow falling (perhaps we'll go to Chamonix, which is higher elevation and should have more snow?), and we all hung out walking around the town instead. We had a lunch of crepes, then tried to find a hiking trail nearby but found nothing, then looked around for cutesy shops to browse around in but were again kind of disappointed. Most of the shops were food or ski gear/clothes shops. We left around 3pm, came back to our house to show it to Eva and then took a walk around the countryside here before Eva caught the bus to go back to her hotel in town. Zach and I then had a lovely dinner of frozen pizza and some wine. =P

I had my first French class today, woke up at 6:30am (ugh!) so I could make it to class by 8:30, it takes about 40-45 minutes it seems to get from here to there by bus. Not great, but not terrible. Unfortunately that seems to be the precise time during which all the teens from around here are catching the bus to go to school, and for the first 15 minutes of the bus ride it was friggin PACKED, standing room only, could barely fit any other bodies in before they started unloading again. I was able to get a seat for the last 1/3 of the ride. I have a couple other options for bus transit, either leaving at a different time or driving to the next town (1.5 miles away) and taking one of the buses there (which come much more often), we'll see what I end up sticking with.

Well, I need to walk over to the Mayor's house and see if I can find out where the trash and recycling dumpsters are for our village, and then I need to get started in my French homework. Bon journee, et au revoir! =)

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