Monday, March 12, 2007

Settling In

Here's a few recent pictures of our home and stuff. Go to my flickr page to see a few more.

Behold: our "dryer":
Ok, so we got a better drying rack the other day, which holds wuite a lot of stuff and works quite a bit better than this one. But, still, untill we get an actual dryer, this is how we're drying clothes for now. We'll see how long this lasts.

And now, our "dining room":
At least we now have chairs! And, if things go according to plan, we'll get our shipment from Ikea on thursday meaning we'll also have a TABLE to eat off! VERY exciting stuff. ; )

This is our collection of books on Geneva and Switzerland. Most of them have been given to us (actually I think the only ones I actually bought are the Know-It-All Passport, Living and Working in Switzerland, and the yellow city map). Hopefully these will all help to give us an idea of how things work around here...

I took this yesterday, when Zach and I went on a walk. It was a gorgeous day... except for the wind! But it was still nice to get out, and we encountered 2 people on horseback which is still a novelty to me. I imagine it will wear offr before long, as later in the afternoon we had like 4 different groups on horseback walk down the street, just in front of our house. It's so amazing out here, I'm so glad to be able to reap the benefits of the European system where they control city planning so much more. The US could have been a lot more like this, but instead we've got Suburbia.

Today I found the American Market, a teeny little store that sells traditional American food. Mostly it's junk food, things like Betty Crocker cake mix and Pringles. It was fun to poke around the aisles and see what they had, things which included cheese in a can, marshmallows, Pace salsa (will have to tell Zach about that one, I'm sure he'll be pleased), and Kraft mac & cheese. I bought a box of Bisquick and some syrup, along with a cherry coke and some granola bars. There were a few other things I was tempted by, but I didn't wanna load myself down too much (as I was in Geneva, and therefore on foot) and figured I could come back later.

I was surprised to also see some stuff that wasn't American at all, but listed as coming from Peru, like dulce de leche, and pureed/concentrated lucuma, a south american fruit that I've never actually had, but lucuma flavored ice-cream used to be my FAVORITE back in Chile (if I remember correctly, it tastes sort of like butterscotch). They also had a powder mix to make pisco sours (a traditional Peruvian and Chilean alcoholic drink, similar to a margarita)!

Zach has his first class tonight, so he won't be home till kinda late. I plan to take my first bubble bath in our awesome big bath tub (with the bubble bath I finally found today at The Body Shop, haven't been able to find it anywhere else!), work on some French, and hang out with Sierra. =)
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  1. american junk food, my favorite! :)

  2. POINT #1: You are outside the US now, where "America" refers to the CONTINENT, not the country. FOR SHAME, Marcy!!! Chile and Peru are in the continent of AMERICA, therefore it is QUITE ACCEPTABLE for products from those countries to be sold at the American Market.

    >:( tsk, tsk...

    Point #2: Hey, I have a dinning-room table with no chairs, and you have dinning-room chairs with no table! We should get together...



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