Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One Month

So we've been here for a month now. Pretty crazy, huh? So far, so good. =)

Zach and I made plans to go into town tonight for dinner and try out this "tex-mex" restaurant I noticed the very first week we were here. I know, I know... I just saw it and figured, "a tex-mex restaurant in europe? It'll probably be awful but I just GOTTA try that!" So we went there tonight, and although it wasn't that awful, it also was not good tex-mex (big surprise). The refired beans, guac, and spanish rice were actually pretty good. However all the cheese was swiss cheese. Yeah. That was really weird. After dinner, Zach said it made him miss real tex-mex more than anything. =P

I'm looking forward to getting to explore Geneva with Zach a bit more. We need to spend some Saturdays there together. I got a book on Geneva that's got a long list of restaurant suggestions, and I'm looking forward to finding good places to go to.

I gotta get to bed soon... I've been staying up too late lately, which makes my 6:30am wake-up call that much harder to swallow.

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