Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Joys of Unpacking, and a sunday walk

Unpacking is definitely better than packing, but it still sucks. I look forward to being rid of all the extra boxes and packing paper. We've been trying to be pretty good about doing stuff in batches, though, and not letting the paper and stuff build up too much at one time. Still, it gets bad quickly... The house is getting put together slowly, and today I hung up a few pictures and things. It's nice finding a place for everything, and getting things set up. Hopefully it'll only be another week or 2 before we've got most everything set up.

Zach and I went on a walk this afternoon, and a horse was eating grass right up near the fence that's along the pathway, so we got to say hi. Very cool. I think the horse was actually posing for the camera. ; )

We also had another visit from Sierra's little furry friend! He came up to the kitchen window and Zach opened it up and the cat actually stuck his head inside, but then saw Sierra and got scared and ran off... but he's very cute! This pic is actually straight out our kitchen window, it's an odd raised garden thing. We've had a few cats come by and take a peek in through the window. =)

All the cats around here are super friendly, and practically run right up to you to get petted. It's very cute. =) I try to make sure we always wash our hands after coming home though, don't wanna transmit any wierd Swiss cat diseases to Sierra...

We had a pretty nice walk this afternoon. We walked over to the next town, maybe 1 mile away, and found a little cafe and had something to drink before coming back home. The thing that was strange was that there was something about the feel, look, and smells inside the cafe that as soon as I walked in the door I had instant flashbacks and cravings for these warm, toasted chicken (or were they turkey?) sandwiches that we used to eat a lot in Chile when I was a kid (they're not like lunchmeat, but small pieces of meat that were cooked in some special way that made them taste amazing-- which means it probably involved a ton of lard or something). And seriously, all of a sudden I felt ravenous, craving this one dish. It was really strange. So now I'm really looking forward to getting to order them when we're in Chile next month. =P
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