Monday, March 26, 2007


This afternoon I seeked out this coffee shop that I've been hearing about, and I think it may become a favorite hangout. It's cute, small, low-key, has great coffee (as well as a bunch of other drinks, and they also have some food, sandwiches and salads and whatnot) AND it's smoke-free!!! I had an espresso there this afternoon while doing my French homework. I've also heard about another place that's a second-hand book store and cafe in one, I need to find it and check it out. That could be another awesome hang-out. =P

I also discovered that both Globus and Manor (the 2 big department stores in Geneva) have huge grocery stores at the very bottom level. Unfortunately, since they're in the middle of the city it's harder to drive in for a big shopping trip... though then again, this is Geneva with 0 traffic so if I did that some afternoon it would probably be fine.

Our residency permits have yet to come in the mail... grrr. We've got temporary ones, but we need the real deal so we can sign up for cell phone plans (we found one that seems like it'll be a much better deal than prepaids, mainly b/c it would allow Zach and I to call each other for free... as opposed to the 20-40 cents/minute charges normally?). Right now we're making do with the one prepaid cell phone we got when we visited in January... ("making do" meaning Marcy gets the cell phone, and Zach has to do without). If I remember correctly they claimed it would take about 3 weeks for the permits to get here, which was about 3-4 weeks ago...


  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Globus is very expensive... so just go for the special thing there. If you find the big Migros (with MMM) and big Coop you will find more or less everything there.

    When I moved home, I waited 3 months for my permit. So if they say you will have them in 3 weeks it's really fast already.

  2. Three months?!? Oh god. I don't think I can wait that long. =(



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