Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring! Cleaning?

Unfortunately, after inhabiting our adorable house it is already starting to get dirty. I need to go out and buy some cleaning products. Zach already got glass cleaner, but that's it. I'm SERIOUSLY missing my Method wipes... especially now that we actually have a bunch of stainless steel in our kitchen, and boy that stuff gets dirty quick! Fortunately, I just remembered that Method now sells products in the UK, too, and it appears that shipping stuff from the UK to Switzerland isn't that bad. Perhaps tomorrow I'll scope out my options for cleaning stuff here, and if I don't like what I see I'll place a gigantic order for my beloved Method brand. Heck, now we even have a community compost set-up so I can actually let the wipes biodegrade like they're supposed to! ; )

(I also recently discovered that amazon.co.uk will ship stuff to us for less than it takes to ship from the states, and their selection is only somewhat smaller than amazon.com. There's also amazon.de, for Germany, but their site's all in German so that doesn't really work)

Today I took some time to finish unpacking some suitcases that have been sitting open, half-unpacked, since we got here. Now my clothes are neatly stacked on the floor of our bedroom (we'll see how long that lasts...). I actually discovered some stuff I hadn't realized we had with us already. I'm partially trying to make room for our Ikea stuff, which should come Thursday (cross your fingers!). I'm also kinda feeling a need to make some order out of the chaos we call our home.

We also got our air shipment today! So now we have some more plates and cups, and other random stuff. Unfortunately we didn't decide to send an air shipment till after we'd already sent the rest of our stuff on a boat, otherwise we coulda planned a bit better as to what to put in there. Oh well. Everything else should get here in just a couple more weeks....

It's been warming up lately. Today I'm actually hanging around in a tank top, with the window of our bedroom open (letting in sunshine and warmth). You still need a jacket or at least a good sweater especially if the wind picks up, but still it's been fabulous. I wonder if this will continue to progress, or if at some point we'll go back to cloudy skies and rain. This reminds me of California weather a bit.

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