Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sierra makes a friend! (sort of)

It snowed a bit more overnight last night, so that there was a thin blanket of it on a lot of surfaces (other than the ground). As I waited for the bus I picked snowflakes with my finger and watched them melt. =P It looks so cool!

We got an update on our boat shipment-- it docked today, is going to go through customs, and then should be delivered tomorrow afternoon!!! We weren't expecting it for another week or 2, so this is really exciting. Of course this means we now gotta figure out where to put all the boxes, and begin the unpacking process... but it will be so nice to have all of our stuff here. And I'll FINALLY get to open my care package! ; )

In other news... last night I was sitting at the dining table doing my French homework, Sierra sleeping on the chair next to mine, when I spotted some movement in our courtyard out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over I noticed this little black and white kitty that was making a bee-line for the glass doors! (I realized later the poor thing was probably cold and seeking shelter!) I've been curious as to when this sort of encounter would happen, so as soon as I saw the kitty I roused Sierra up and said "Look, Sierra, you have a friend!" She saw the cat and went over to the glass to take a better look, though to my surprise she didn't seem at all bothered-- just curious. After snapping the first couple pictures I noticed the black and white kitty had his ears back! Poor thing must've been scared by Sierra. After a few minutes he ran off. It was all very exciting-- well, for me anyway. I'm not really sure Sierra cared much.

Tonight GenevaOnline is hosting a "new members drink" that we'd been thinking of going to, but I've kinda been feeling low-energy all day and am wondering if I could be coming down with something. Which means I probably shouldn't be up real late. I'll see how I feel when Zach gets home... if not, we can probably make the next one.

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