Wednesday, March 28, 2007

le Jet d'Eau

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time walking around the Jardin Anglais, a park alongside the lake. The picture above is of the Jet d'Eau, a famous landmark of Geneva (I was having fun with the color accent feature of my camera). It's pretty neat looking over somewhere and seeing this huge water fountain way up in the air. =)

This afternoon I'd been planning to go to the flea market at Plainpalais, but I felt kinda tired and worn down so I went home after class instead. I took a nap with Sierra for a bit, then finished unpacking the boxes from our shipment. Ok, so actually I finished opening boxes... there's still 4-5 boxes up there with random stuff that I don't know what to do with, so that stuff is staying in its respective boxes. But at least all the boxes have been opened and rummaged through. Unfortunately, my Real Simple address book seems to be missing. =( It must have been in that box that we never got. Unfortunately I have no idea what else was in that box, as the movers wound up re-packing all our boxes anyway and a lot of stuff got shuffled around. It was probably more books, but we have so many and no sort of inventory of them, so I have no idea what books would be missing. I think all the addresses that were in that book are also in the computer somewhere, but I don't really know. Hmm, that actually is a pretty annoying thing to lose...

It's getting warmer again, and the sun's been out the past couple days. It's been warm enough in the afternoons to shed my jacket. Yay for spring! =)
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  1. Thanks for the welcome ;) did I mention this is all part of my secretly stalking you? You and Zach move to Europe, I move to London. You use Blogger now, I move to Blogger. *evil laugh* :D Seriously, I like the picture - just watched The Bourne Identity and got all excited about being near all those places in Europe.



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