Thursday, March 15, 2007

At least they weren't late...

So I got a text message the other day confirming the Ikea delivery for today, between 4:30 and 6pm. I made a note of it and planned out my day around this. I figured I could hang around in the city a bit after my class is over, then head home in time to be here by 4pm and wait for the Ikea delivery people. Cool.

Fast forward to me browsing around inside an H&M store at 2pm and getting a phone call... it's man, who only speaks French, and I can't understand a word he's saying other than him confirming my name and address. So he says what I assumed was that he'd try to find someone who could speak English, and 2 minutes later I get a call from a woman saying that the Ikea delivery man is at my house. Now. I said "But you said they wouldn't be there till 4:30 this afternoon, I'm in Geneva right now it'll take me at least an hour to get home." So she told me they could come back in an hour. "OK," I thought," if I can catch the bus in the next 10 minutes or so I can make it in an hour."

So I get to the bus station and unfortunately the bus that comes to our house doesn't go by very often. I check the schedule, and, of course, I'd missed the last bus by 4 minutes, and the next one wouldn't be coming for an hour. Shit. I frantically try to call Zach at work, but no one answers-- there's only 1 phone line to his office and it seems no one likes to actually pick it up ever (and Zach doesn't have a cell phone b/c we want to use a provider that requires us to have our permanent residence permits to sign up for an account, and they haven't come in the mail yet). So I did the next best thing I could think of-- I hopped on a bus that goes to a town nearby ours, and once I got there I'd just walk the rest.

And so, I sat on the bus for 20 minutes, got to the town, and walked the 2-2.5 miles home. It was a gorgeous walk-- all green fields inbetween the 2 towns, I even passed a bunch of horses and a pony-- unfortunately I was too pissed off and in too much of a hurry to even enjoy it.

They called me again when I was 10 minutes away, fortunately they agreed to wait for me and I finally got home and let them in to deliver the stuff. Ugh. I'm not even gonna bother opening anything up or trying to put anything together, I'll let Zach do that tonight.

The good news is when I got home Michelle, the neighbor, came over with a package that had come for me today from the post office-- it was some books I'd ordered off just a few days ago! I wasn't expecting them for another couple weeks, but they got here super fast.

So now, I'll relax, rest my legs, and read one of my new books. I've already had my exercise for the day.

UPDATE: Once Zach was home and we had dinner started, we opened up the boxes, anxious to put our furniture together and, well, HAVE some furniture. Unfortunately, the only tool we currently have is a philip's head screwdriver, and we needed a few more things to be able to put together our new table and dressers. This is when our new neighbors came to the rescue-- we went next door, holding the pictures of the necessary tools from the Ikea instructions manuals, and managed to convey in French that we needed to borrow a few tools. They more than obliged, happily lending us what we needed and telling us there's no rush to bring them back (they are seriously so nice). We now have a dining table (WOOT! I got to do my French homework while sitting at a table!) and the skeleton of our dresser put together. The rest will have to wait till tomorrow... Now, it is time for bed.

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