Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"make new friends (but keep the old...)"

This afternoon after class I was planning on heading over to Place Neuve to hang out for a bit (a park in Geneva where they have some of those big chess sets with pieces 2 or 3 feet tall) but some of the gals from the class were gonna go have lunch together so I joined them instead. It was fun, but interesting-- most everyone knows English, except for Yoko who's from Japan and Roxy who's from Cuba, so we were good and spoke French for most of the meal. It's so cool to be meeting people from all over like this-- other countries represented in our lunch group were Holland, Germany, and Georgia (the actual country, not the state). Afterwards some of us did some shopping, and I wound up talking a lot with Roxy in Spanish. She seemed happy and relieved to find another Spanish-speaker. =) I'm glad to have finally had some contact with these gals outside of class, I hope it continues... we need to make some friends!

Unfortunately I was already halfway home on the bus when Zach called me saying he was in town taking care of some stuff before his French class tonight... it would have been nice to get together for dinner or something, as he won't get home tonight till after 10pm, but oh well. Next week we may try to actually plan something out.

Tomorrow morning Zach's gonna try to go get another bit of paperwork done at the Population office, something else that's needed for the registration of our car (i.e. something else that needs to be taken care of before we can get our car). Hopefully it will be fairly simple and easy. We're supposed to pick up the car tomorrow, but I'd kinda been planning on delays and hopefully we'll still get it by the beginning of next week. Unfortunately we already returned the rental car, so we'll be relying on the bus system over the weekend. Which shouldn't be bad. I just realized the other day that Saturday is St Patrick's Day! I've already made note of an Irish Pub in Old Town that's supposed to be really good. I think we'll try to go there to celebrate.

I got a text message today confirming our Ikea delivery for tomorrow afternoon!! Since we most likely won't have a car to pick up, we'll be able to spend the evening putting together our new stuff. Woot! =)


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Sheesh! Good luck at the Irish pub... that's going to be insane!!!

    Should be fun, though. :D

    Woot for stuff! Yay, Ikea!

  2. i hope your furniture comes! i've never been to the store, and there's a rumor that one is getting built close to me. i'm excited.



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