Friday, March 23, 2007

What I'll be listening to non-stop for the next few weeks...

Before we left California I made one last run out to a Coinstar machine to redeem the loose change that had been lying around. I chose to get a gift card instead of cash, and figured I'd get an iTunes gift card as we'd probably be able to use that over here.

So the other night I sat down to use the gift card. I got the soundtrack for The Last Kiss, Guster's Keep It Together, and Jamie Cullum's Pointless Nostalgic. I think this was a good way to use that extra money, but I probably will not be buying music off iTunes again anytime soon. For one thing, I have a non-iPod mp3 player, and iTunes Store-bought files play only on iPods. So I first tried to burn them all as mp3 files onto one CD (and then I'd upload them onto Windows Media Player to use with my Zen Micro). Alas, songs bought from the iTunes Store cannot be burned as mp3s. Boo. So then I went to burn each as WAV files on separate cd's, but it wouldn't let me do that, either-- I was told I'd have to authorize the computer before being able to use my new music. You only get to authorize 5 computers for your account, and this one counts as #2 since I also had bought some music off iTunes on our old desktop (don't remember it being this complicated, though). This kind of irritated me, as it means that the songs I've outright bought and paid for will not work whenever we upgrade to computer #6. Which is annoying. I know they're trying to be more secure about music and all, but does it really have to inconvenience me so?? =P Anyway, so yeah I'll probably be buying my music from other sources.

Anyway, I finally got the music burned and uploaded, and added to my player. I knew I would love the Jamie Cullum cd, as I adore all of his stuff. This one I think is an older recording, and is much more jazz-y than some more recent stuff, but is a lot of fun and very reminiscent of Sinatra and the rat pack, and just makes me wanna get up and dance.

I loved loved loved the Garden State soundtrack, and I don't know if Zach Braff had input on picking the songs for The Last Kiss as well or what, b/c it's very similar types of music, which means I adore this collection of songs, too. Beautiful music, perfect for sitting at home and contemplating.

And Guster... Jen's been raving about these guys for years, and I have to say she's absolutely right. I heard them at ACL last september, but didn't buy any of their music until now, and I can already tell that this cd is going to be one of my new favorites. I couldn't help but tap my toes while listening to it on the bus today. =P I was thinking today that I should make Jen my music guru, and just have her tell me what cd's to buy from time to time. She's introduced me to some of my favorite bands and cd's. I guess she's just young and hip like that. ; )

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  1. I heart Guster. I have "Keep it Together," and their newest album comes out April 10. Exciting!
    Dontcha just hate DRM for not allowing you to share music?!



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