Wednesday, March 07, 2007


We got our washer yesterday! Unfortunately, the electricity wasn't set up for it yet so I had to wait for the electrician to come this afternoon to fix that. Now it's all set, and I'm washing my first load of laundry! Woot! I'm hoping it works ok, the washer manual is all in French so I just kinda looked at the buttons and guessed what I needed to do. That's actually one of the biggest reasons we picked this particular washer, its buttons seemed to be the easiest to decipher.

Alas, we do not have a dryer yet... The washer was nearly $800, so we're gonna wait a bit and see if we can find a used dryer for cheaper. Till then, we'll be air-drying all our laundry, which is apparently what most people do here anyway. The air seems to be pretty dry, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

French classes are going pretty well. The teacher and the other students are all pretty nice, it feels like a supportive environment where it's ok to make mistakes so you don't feel as pressured or nervous about stuff. I'm expecting my French to progress by leaps and bounds at this point, as 4 hours a day in class is 4 hours of French practice that I was not doing (at all) before.

I talked to Philip (my step-dad) yesterday, he and Mom are coming out to visit in June! They have a time share in France at the beginning of June, then they'll come hang out with us for a while, and are looking into using their other time-share week someplace else in Europe after that. Pretty sweet. =)

My legs, particularly my calves, have been in knots lately. I'm guessing it's a combination of walking so much more when I'm in the city, and also of walking up and down stairs constantly, now that we're in a house with 3 levels! Sierra's even looking a bit trimmer, from the added exercise. ; ) Speaking of, that cat scared me the heck out of me this afternoon! She's taken to coming down the stairs and greeting me when I come home, but today I called for her and didn't hear anything. So I started looking through the house, in all her hiding spots, and couldn't find her anywhere! After 2 searches of the entire house, growing increasingly more panicked, I called Zach to see if anything had happened this morning while he'd been home. He assured me that she was probably hiding, that she'd done this to him the other day and found her in a closet after searching for 10 minutes. He reminded me of one last set of cupboards that I'd forgotten to check ,and sure enough there she was. Zach must've closed the door on her when he was getting clothes out of there this morning, and she'd been trapped all morning, but didn't even utter a peep the whole time I was hollering up and down the house for her.

She is, of course, hiding again now, after the visit from the electrician. She's really not gonna fare well when the people come to unload our shipment in a few weeks....

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