Thursday, March 29, 2007

Girl Time + Shopping = A Great Afternoon

I had lunch with some of the other women from French class this afternoon, at a tapas restaurant and was fairly decent. The food was surprisingly filling, which is nice to know as it can be a less expensive food option. It's nice feeling like I'm starting to make a better connection with some people here, and this group is actually a kind of perfect group language-wise b/c most of them speak English, so we have the opportunity to actually communicate pretty effectively (it's hard to build a good friendship with someone you can only discuss superficial things with b/c of a language barrier), but some don't so then we all speak in French which means we get to practice it. For example, at lunch today we spoke in French the whole time, and actually did pretty well with it. Yay!

After lunch one of the gals and I walked around a bit and checked out this awesome boutique. It's a bit expensive, of course, but that's everything here... it also had some really cute stuff, from clothes to housewares and things (like this absolutely adorable set of black and white dog salt & pepper shakers... pssst Criss they also had a TON of Hello Kitty stuff, from little cell phone cover socks to a $350 Hello Kitty handbag!). =P I think I'll need to keep a list of cool places like this that I come across, so I can go back to them on my own, and when people come to visit.

I was looking out at the plants along the edge of our terrace, and it looks like a bunch of stuff is about to bloom. Very exciting. =) Unfortunately my camera battery's about to die (I'm amazed at the battery life, last time I charged this thing was before we moved!) so I'll have to charge it up and take pictures later.

I let Sierra venture out onto the terrace a little bit this afternoon. She's very cute about it-- very careful, and stays right up against the house as she explores. It's fun watching her check everything out. =)

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