Thursday, March 08, 2007

On shopping, books, and furniture (or a lack thereof...)

I took the bus into Geneva this morning for my French class, and got there a bit early. It's been chilly lately but nothing too terrible-- I remembered to bring gloves with me today, and it seemed to make all the difference. A warm jacket can keep you only so warm-- if there's cold wind on your hands and/or neck, you'll still freeze.

After class I walked around a bit, looking for a place to buy loose-leaf notebook paper. I found 2 Paperies that were adorable, one near Old Town and another sort of near the river. They had all sorts of greeting cards, notebooks, journals, etc etc... including new Moleskin notebooks that are city guides that you write yourself! They'll have a map and list of public transport, but then there's sections for you to write in sites, restaurants, etc, and opinions. Seems pretty sweet if you ask me. I didn't check the prices, though-- they probably were expensive. I also wanted to buy some more pens, but they only had individual ones that were pretty expensive-- 1-2 francs each for normally inexpensive-seeming pens-- and they didn't have any in bulk packages, so I figured I'd wait and try a less specialized store later.

After buying my paper, I went in search of this English bookstore I'd read about online called Off The Shelf. I found it after a bit of walking, it's on the floor just above a German bookstore. It's small, only 1-2 rooms, but it was neat to look through familiar titles. Unfortunately, I noticed that all the books were really expensive-- 30-40 francs for paperbacks (that's like $25-$36 each, I think). I did buy 2 books, one called The Know-it-All Passport that a friend strongly recommended, and another called Living and Working in Switzerland that also looked really good. I figure they're good investments, if they help me figure out how things work, and where to find what.

I walked around a bit more to kill time before catching my bus (unfortunately the bus that comes all the way out to our house circulates once and 3 times an hour) and I bought myself a little mini-quiche as a snack since I hadn't had lunch yet. I've been getting these a lot to curb hunger when I'm in town. I tried finding a little cafe to stop in on for lunch, but all the menus listed plates starting at 17 francs and up, and I didn't really want to spend that much. These quiches are sold at a lot of sandwich stores, and cost only 3.70francs. I plan on trying to explore eateries around town so I can know where to take people when they come visit. ; )

Zach and I are getting a bit worried about Sierra... she was doing so well after the initial few days, and then people came to the house to deliver the washer one day, and the electrician came the next day, and since then she's been spending most of the days hiding under our comforter. =( She's never done that before. I worry about her getting all nervous and anxious. I guess it's normal for her to get all freaked out though... I know it's silly, but I worry about my little kitty and want her to be happy.

Then again, maybe she just recently discovered that hiding under the comforter is a incredibly WARM place to be. ; )

On a different note, this whole no-furniture thing is starting to wear on me. You know, having all our clothes in suitcases and/or piles on the floor... having to do my homework sitting on the floor, or standing at the kitchen counter... let's just say it'll be nice when we either get our Ikea delivery, or our shipment arrives. I have little hope of that happening soon, though-- we just got notice that our air shipment arrived in Norway today, and is being driven to Geneva. We shipped it the friday before we left (so 2 weeks ago). This air shipment was only supposed to take 1 week to get to us. Hmmm....

Ok, time to faire mes devoirs.

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