Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's all starting to come together...

So our St Patty's Day plans kinda wound down to... nothing. Instead, we went to Coop for a big grocery stock-up, and also got some flowers for our neighbor to thank her for her kindness and general awesomeness. Then we had a quick lunch, met up with Colin (another expat coworker friend) and headed off to Ikea, which always turns into a whole-day excursion... especially when said Ikea is a good 40 minutes away.

We got a bunch of smaller items for the house, and after getting home Zach put together some more of our furniture, and our house is actually starting to feel like a home now. Yay! Now I'm feeling the itch to hang up some pictures on the walls... However I know we've got tons of pictures and frames coming with our shipment, so I may resist the urge to buy much new stuff here (especially as it's bound to be uber-expensive).

So, yeah, by the time we got through our day spent among mad crowds, we were kinda pooped and ready for just spending the night in. So that's how we celebrated our St Patrick's Day. Very exciting, I know.

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  1. I didn't even wear green today, because we were still in Austin but I thought we were coming back yesterday so I didn't pack for St. Paddy's... we got into town around 7:30, ordered Chili's To Go and watched an episode of Charmed (not one of the leprechaun ones, either).

    Sometimes you realize... you're an old fuddy-duddy. :(



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