Friday, March 09, 2007

Car Shopping

We went car shopping this afternoon. I tried to tell Zach we should get this pink bug... alas, he said no. =( haha, oh well. We actually had a bit of a hard time-- we went to several used car dealerships, and I'm used to the US having TONS of cars on the lot, but these places were a lot smaller, and each lot only had a few cars that we'd be interested in. But we found a honda civic hatchback that we liked, and some Opels that were cute and inexpensive (I think it's a German brand, owned by GM), and there's a Peugeot dealer that has a car that we liked, but is a bit pricey.. we'll see. We both kinda like the idea of the Peugeot, partially b/c it's a very European brand that we could never find in the states (or, only very rare, old models) and also partially for nostalgic reasons for me-- my parents had Peugeots when we were in Chile and right after we moved to the states. I just talked to my dad and he recommends them highly, so we'll see. It'd be fun to get something more "European" that we couldn't have in the states. =P It was also interesting the difference in the car salesmen... in the states, you can't go browsing the lot of a dealership without getting attacked by several salesmen. Here, we practically had to fight for their attention! But anyway... the Peugeot dealer actually seemed a bit nicer, we may go back tomorrow or Monday to check out again a car we're interested in. We'll see. Hopefully we find a car soon, one way or another, as this whole rental-car thing's getting mighty expensive...

We got a call today from Ikea, and our stuff should get delivered next week!! Yay! Zach also heard that our boat shipment may have arrived on land and is getting driven over soon, but we're not entirely sure about it. We may have STUFF soon! =)

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