Friday, March 16, 2007

Pictures: around town, and in-house

Lunch in "Vieille Ville" (Old Town)

The giant chess boards at Place Neuve (I love that it's a mix of older men and kids playing chess!)

Our dining table! As you can see, Sierra was the first to sit at (on?) the table, as soon as it was assembled. (I will eventually be painting the chairs, but haven't decided on a color... any suggestions?)

Our mantle-- with our growing collection of cards sent by various family members, and the flowers our neighbors gave us last week. =)
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  1. Sooo pretty!

    I love the buildings, and the way people dominate the street, not cars. You can walk on the street, you can put your cafe tables out on the street... so nice.

    So different from here. :(

    Is Sierra doing better? Sitting on the table to survey her kingdom seems to be an improvement over hiding under the comforter.

  2. love the pix! keep 'em coming!



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