Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Call me materialistic, but I LIKE having my stuff around...

Our stuff is here!!! Which also means... I GOT TO OPEN MY CARE PACKAGE! =p The movers got here right on time today, and thankfully they actually spoke pretty good English. I woulda been ok on French alone, but this just made it a lot easier. They got everything unloaded pretty quickly, and helped put together things like our bed frame. Unfortunately we may have 1 last box that might have gone missing, I need to search for it as I continue sorting and unpacking our stuff...

We also face a bit of a problem with our bed... the frame is from the US, and the mattress we bought here... and it overlaps by a couple of inches off one side (so the mattress sticks out from the frame). This could be a problem. We may have to buy a European-sized bed frame to use while we're here. =( We'll see how it goes tonight, I guess.

Now, on to the important stuff. ; ) I've been anxious to know what's in this little package since it was handed to me back in JANUARY. And now that it's here, I finally got to open it. And here's what I found:
I love these parents. I really do. They're too friggin adorable! So everything in this package is something that one of the parents (or someone they knew) had a hard time finding while living in Europe. I got food (snackage, mostly, things like Oreos and mac & cheese, salsa, peanut M&Ms, peanut butter, root beer, pumpkin puree which will make Zach ECSTATIC as that means I can make pumpkin bread, microwaveable popcorn, etc) as well as things like a book of California, ziploc baggies, dryer sheets, and 3 bottles of California wine!

I'm eating M&Ms and drinking one of the root beers as I type this. ; )It's quite a nice, unexpected surprise getting our shipment now, our original estimate said we wouldn't get it till the end of the month. I'll now have pictures to hang up, I can catch up some on my scrapbooking, and we've actually got BOOKS, and all of our kitchen stuff! Yay!

The weather has been so crazy today-- it keeps going back and forth between sunny, and snow flurries. Seriously. It's gone back and forth at least 3-4 times that I've noticed so far today. I'm ready for May, when temperatures should go up a bit and be more predictable.


  1. and it's not just any rootbeer, either! yummers!

  2. Yay! for stuff finally getting there!

  3. awesome! Glad your boxes arrived with only 1 maybe missing. I moved myself and still managed to lose stuff



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