Friday, March 16, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Interesting

The Good News:
  • Zach's picking up the car this afternoon!!!!
  • I am typing this while sitting at our very purdy dining table. =) (this is highly preferable to sitting on the floor and having my back ache) By tonight, or certainly by the end of the weekend, we should have 2 more dressers and a bed assembled. Woot!
  • The weather's been fantastic this week... next week it's supposed to get cold again, and it might even SNOW! (perhaps we'll wait till next week to judge whether this is a pro or a con...)
  • Zach gets a 4-day weekend for Easter, we're gonna take advantage by going to Paris!!! =)
The Bad News:
  • The Method website won't let me order from either their UK store nor their US store (I think it gets confused b/c my IP address is from neither place?). Boo! I may need to ask someone to buy a bunch of their stuff for me at Target and send it over.
  • Our BRAND STINKIN' NEW washing machine isn't working. It started last week when I washed some sweaters and they came out soaking wet. Now it won't even go through more than a couple of minutes of a wash cycle. Zach's been trying to contact the store all morning, as it's under warranty, but no luck yet.
The Interesting:
  • In class today we talked some about the Swiss traditions for "Paques" (Easter). Apparently EVERYTHING closes on Good Friday, and on the Monday after Easter Sunday (but work under normal hours on Saturday and Sunday). Apparently on Friday all the church bells go to Rome (??), meaning they all go silent, until Sunday when they "return" and ring like mad. And there's no Easter Bunny, instead chocolate eggs fall down through your chimney into your home for the children to eat. (I guess to someone not raised in the culture a rabbit coming by and hiding colored eggs in your house/yard would seem pretty strange, too, huh?)

1 comment:

  1. Yay, table! And car! :D

    Poo-poo on the washing machine. (Wait, don't tell Sierra. She might take it literally.)

    I want to know where the chocolate eggs came from. I like the chimney idea, kind of cool, but the kids should have to work for them. The eggs need to be hunted. Otherwise, it's too much like Christmas, where you just get handed everything. Lazy kids!

    But the important thing is we all get chocolate.



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