Tuesday, May 20, 2008

His little bladder got an A+

So I am VERY happy to announce that D DOES NOT HAVE VUR. Woot! He had the screening Monday, and we went to see a doctor yesterday to discuss the results, and he's all clear, meaning that after this morning's dose I can stop giving him the antibiotic (they wanted me to give him these last few doses to keep him protected against having caught any bacteria from when they had to catheter him on Monday). YAY!!!!! The last thing we'll need to check, and a couple of doctors and our pediatrician have made it clear that this is more of a formality than anything to draw real concern, is that in September we'll have to take him in to make sure his UTI didn't cause any scarring in his kidneys.

Despite getting a tube stuck up his little penis and having an x-ray machine check out his insides as he peed radioactive fluid, D actually had a pretty fabulous day on Monday. He was happy, smiley, giggly, etc. It was really really really nice for both of us to get a bit of a break there and have a fun day together. Yesterday he was back to feeling a bit less-than-stellar. He spent some time in the morning chewing on one of the teether toys I got him (although his hand control isn't good enough yet so I had to hold it in his mouth the whole time) and at other times I'd stick my finger in his mouth and he'd bite down so hard his whole body would go stiff, I'm taking that as a sign that his gums are still bugging him. And then we had to go to the hospital for the dr appointment, and he was happy the first 10-15 minutes and then he started screaming, loud, piercing shrieks, and kept it up the rest of the way (and of course it was 4:30pm so we were dealing with traffic... and the infamous Geneva lets-make-cars-be-as-slow-as-possible-driving-through-town roads). =( He calmed down once we got there, I didn't even bother bringing the stroller inside and just held him and he was pretty happy like that most of the time. Until we had to come home. And then he started shrieking all over again, and I felt so bad for him b/c I think his throat may have gone a little hoarse from it all. Worst part is being in the car, where I can't even reach him (I can stroke the top of his head, that's it) so I just had to sit there and listen (I knew stopping anywhere to try to soothe him would only result in him screaming all over again as soon as we got back in the car), and get us home as quickly as I could. When we got home he was so exhausted, I got him down for a nap and he slept for a good hour (usually naps 45mins, and lately he's been going more like 30mins a lot of the time), then woke up to eat and went back down right away again at 9pm.

So far this morning he's seemed ok, and he just now fell asleep all on his own for his morning nap, something he used to do all the time but hasn't in days. I'm taking this as a good sign. Unfortunately nights have not been so good. Well, ok, so they are-- feedings take all of about 20 minutes and if he's still awake at the end of it I just have to put him down and he'll go back to sleep on his own, which is fabulous and wonderful. However he's barely been sleeping 4 hour stretches lately. Last night it was 4hrs/2hrs/3hrs, the night before 2.5hrs/5hrs/2hrs. It's been like this since Friday. I'm assuming this is our new "norm" for the while, as maybe if I assume this is the way it's gonna be again he'll decide to prove me wrong and surprise me? One can hope...

Glamour came in the mail a couple days ago. There's a blurb in there somewhere about a study that showed that even 3 nights of interrupted sleep can seriously affect your ability to think clearly. That made me laugh. What do you think THREE MONTHS' WORTH of interrupted sleep does?

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  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Yay for a healthy baby!!!

    Re: Twitter (I can't access that site from school, so I can't reply there) - yes, but you have the option to go places without driving (maybe not all places, but at least some if not most). You have public transportation, sidewalks, Vespas, and horses.

    We have highways.



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