Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aaaaaahhhh... (sigh of relief)

Ok, so after writing yesterday's post (after a particularly bad nap experience in the morning) the rest of the day didn't go too badly. The biggest surprise came at night-- Donovan, who's been going to bed at 10pm lately (refusing to fall asleep or stay asleep any earlier than that) actually went to bed at 8:20pm! He was due for a nap and I figured, "What the heck, it'll probably end disastrously but we'll try to make this bedtime..." so I went through the new bedtime routine I've started up in the last day or 2 and nursed him and he went to sleep. It was awesome.

He woke up kinda sorta fussing at 9pm and midnight, but just as I was about to go in and try to soothe him a bit I thought, "You know, he's not really crying, why don't I give him a few minutes and see what happens?" And to my utter shock and surprise, within about 5 minutes he'd gone back to sleep each time. He then woke up at 3am, by which time it'd been a while since he'd last eaten so I went ahead and fed him, and then again at 6:30am, after which he still went back to sleep for another hour. So instead of the 8-9 hrs of overnight sleep he's been getting by on lately, he got a good 10-11hrs last night. Woot! And, for the first morning in a while, he woke up happy at the end of it. =)

I also started a nap routine yesterday, and perhaps it's a combination of him "catching on" to that, or the good sleep last night, and possibly just random luck, he went to sleep in about 5 minutes for his first nap this morning. =)

And now to celebrate, how about some Donovan cuteness? =P

We've started playing "airplane" sometimes, where I put him up on my knees/shins in the air, and he seems to kinda love it.
phat cheeks
This last photo totally reminds me of the face that Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) makes when looking at something gross. =P


  1. Congrats on the napping/early bedtime! He is looking so grown up (and of course adorable)! By the way, you've seen Moxie's thing about 4-month-olds before, right?


  2. Yay! Sorry I didn't leave any advice...we didn't really try leaving Felix until he was much older but I'm not sure if it was the right thing or not. Everything has worked out but everyone sort of has to forge their own path...ya know? Reading that you are trying to start a bedtime routine reminded me that I have copy of The No-Cry Sleep Solution here if you want to borrow it - she reminds us that we have to give everything time, something like 15 days before we say it doesn't work. So if Day 3 into trying your routine your seeing an improvement - that's good - stick with it!

    I don't believe in leaving a baby to cry but what we did is listen to his cry - if he sounded desperate or unhappy we went in but if he was just sort of whining or expressing something before he fell asleep, we gave him the time to do it. It sounds like that is what you are starting to do now too. :)

  3. Haha that's Calvin allright - he makes those grimaces on purpose when photographed...



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