Thursday, May 08, 2008

Falling more and more in love with this face every day


As anyone with access to my flickr acct can see, I spend a good bit of time trying to capture the different faces and expressions and overall UNBELIEVABLE CUTENESS of Donovan. However there's always more cute moments that I wish I could capture, but must instead store in memory as best I can. Like the look on his face when he sees he's about to get the boob. Or the little grunt/groan/moan noise he makes as he latches on and starts sucking furiously. Or his face when he falls asleep (in my arms or right after eating), bottom lip all tucked in under his top lip, cheeks puffed out to their fullest roundness. I look at him in these moments and find myself in awe of how incredibly beautiful he is.


  1. Although you already know it and I have told you on multiple posts, yes- yes he is. Very very very adorable.

  2. He really is very very cute! It's amazing how much we can fall in love with our kids. I wrote a post about it when A was a few months old. It's truly incredible.



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