Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update: Pedi Appt

Had the appointment with our pediatrician today. First, the results from the tests the hospital ran on D's stool sample came back negative for Salmonella or any of the usual bacteria that can cause this sort of trouble. After a brief examination of the kiddo, it sees the next obvious option is an allergy or intolerance to cow's milk. The Dr was glad to hear that I've already cut out dairy from my diet, and we'll see how that affects things over time. I've heard it can take up to 3 weeks for the offending proteins to leave both mom and baby's bodies. He took a blood sample from D that will be used to check for proper blood coagulation (unlikely to be the problem, but a simple thing to check) and for an allergy or intolerance, which unfortunately can be hard to spot but we'll see what the results show.

I told him about D spitting up and sometimes crying at feedings, so he also thought we might be dealing with some acid reflux, and that this could even be affecting his digestion and causing trouble, so he gave us prescription for some meds to help with this.

I also mentioned how D has gotten weighed on Tuesday (kidney appt) and Friday (at hospital) and he weighed the same both those times as he did today-- 6.6kg. At this age he should be putting on about 100g per week. He didn't seem too immediately concerned with this, but is something to keep an eye on. Of course, I've also read often that breastfed babies are often slow to gain weight at about 4 months and that it's actually normal and not a big deal, but it could also be a sign of food malabsorption.

We made an appointment to see him again on Saturday morning to see how things are then. He did warn us that if D continues having blood in his poop we may need to check out his little GI tract, meaning shove a camera up his bum. We also have his 4 month check-up on Tuesday already scheduled. I must say, I'm really pleased with our pediatrician. I'm gonna be kinda sad to see him go when we leave. Hopefully we find someone else that we like as much in CA.

So the poor little guy fell asleep on the car ride home from the appointment and is still sleeping now-- that's over an hour so far. He had a pretty traumatic day of it, since they had to take blood from him which meant holding him down on a table as he screamed his head off, and he seems to deal with those traumas by sleeping (noticed this when he slept all day long the day after being admitted for his UTI, and getting poked and prodded by all sorts of needles as we tried to figure out what was wrong with him). He's also snoring somewhat.

In about a half hour we'll be leaving to go to the mall, so I can get my hair cut and we can do some grocery shopping before Jennie and her mom get here for the weekend, and can also pick up D's meds. I wonder if he'll wake up to eat before then...

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  1. poor little guy! i would cope with it by sleeping all the time, too.
    again, hope there's no cause for worry.



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