Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day in the City with Mr Grumpy Pants

Today was not a very good Donovan day. We had an ok morning, he took his first nap easily, but from then on he'd wake up, smile and even laugh at me for a few minutes, and then he'd start whining and crying and just plain ole not being happy. Zach and I kinda traded him back and forth to give each other breaks trying to help him feel better. I don't know what it was, random baby crankiness or if the new meds didn't agree with him... I don't know. He appeared to have been possessed by a demon (perhaps the demon of handwriting analysis?).

Jennie and her mom were arriving into town by train this afternoon, and we'd also made plans to meet up with some friends for a happy hour, and I was kinda dreading how it'd go in town with D but I hoped the change of scenery might do him good. He screamed almost the whole way into Geneva (which was long, as there was traffic) but once we got there he seemed pretty calm and napped a bit in his stroller. So the change of scenery bit seemed to do the trick, I guess. The rain let up and clouds slowly parted to actually give us some sun, so after walking around Old Town a bit we sat at an outdoor cafe at Plade de Bourg des Fours, and then went to the Alhambar to meet up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while as I've kinda been too scared to attempt taking Mr Grumpy Pants into town lately for meetups. Zach wound up having to hang out with him outside for a while as D started crying, then slept for a bit. Overall it went well, though. We did also have the small-town fun phenomenon of running into people randomly twice today-- I was delighted to run into Debbie and her little Madeleine, who I met for the first time today, outside of Starbucks, and then we saw Hillary on her way to the happy hour and she stopped and chatted with us for a bit before we all walked over together.

Now we're home, D's asleep, we're having dinner, and hopefully tonight will go well enough. We have a follow-up with the pediatrician tomorrow morning, and then I think we're thinking of going wine-tasting afterwards.

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  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Gaahh!! The Demon of Handwriting Analysis!!!

    I had to throw him up yesterday. I lost 5 lbs. He's a light demon, all in all.



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