Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wait.. what?

I just watched the segment of The Today Show where they interviewed Heather Armstrong, and as I watched I thought to myself, "Wait, I thought Kathy Lee Gifford was doing this interview?" And then I realized the blond woman on the right who looked like she's had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers WAS Kathy Lee Gifford.

Um, holy crap. When did she start looking like a completely different person???


  1. one of her comments said something like, "i didn't recognize the Mexican woman as KATHY LEE!" so true!

  2. You are starting with the assumption that she still looks like a person...

  3. haa haa that is funny! You have been out of California too long!
    EVERYONE has their faces done! ;-))
    And soo many have them DONE WAY WAY WAY WAY TOO Much!

  4. I didn't recognize her either!



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