Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CUTEST VIDEO IN THE WHOLE WORLD... oh, and a cow fight

I started giving D gripe water today. Whether it's because of this or just random, he was a bit better today. Zach thought it might've been his tummy bugging him, and he did let out some good burps today which he doesn't always do. So who knows.

In other news, we got a flyer in the mail today that ours and our neighboring village are going to be hosting a COW FIGHT this summer!!! (yes, seriously) We'd heard about these soon after moving, and have been wanting to see one but never got around to it. I had just about given up on getting to partake in that Swiss cultural tradition, but now we'll have one in our own little village!!! WOOT!


  1. cow fighting is in the air, we just went to the valais this weekend to watch the big tournament, it was quite a site (in addition to cows we got to see the swiss version of hicks)!

  2. I'ver never heard of gripe water - I'll have to let my sister know about that one. We've always used onion water back home. :)

  3. sooo cute :)
    don't you just love the baby laugh :)

  4. DEFINITELY the cutest video ever. Thanks for that. I needed some baby laugh this morning.

  5. Donovan is so cute....I can't wait to be at that stage with my little one.

    As for the cow fight, take pictures as it sounds fascinating.



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