Friday, May 16, 2008

Small Triumphs

This morning, while Zach took Donovan downstairs for a bit to give me some time to get dressed, I pulled some of my pre-pregnancy summer clothes out of the box where they've been hiding. I saw my favorite pair of cut-off capri jeans in there and thought to myself, maybe, just maybe, b/c they're super stretchy denim, they might just fit.

And guess what? THEY DID.

So then I thought, well, maybe some of my other old jeans fit now, too... AND THEY DID!! Granted, they're pretty tight and there's a slight muffin-top problem, but I was able to BUTTON AND ZIP THEM UP, which even just a week or 2 ago had been impossible. Zach (loving and wonderful husband that he is) also brought up that, since I put all these pants away freshly washed, they're also at their tightest now and should fit better after a couple hours' worth of wear and stretching out.

This is exciting. =)

(You know what else is exciting? D fell asleep for his first morning nap in, like, 5 minutes, while nursing. No crying. No pacing the room with him for half an hour. No watching his eyes get droopy, then fling WIDE OPEN as he fights off sleep. No clue if it'll be that easy at other times today, but gosh was that nice...).

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  1. Anonymous9:31 AM



    That's pretty amazing. Not that I know about these things, but from what I've heard. (The jean thing. I don't know about the sleeping thing.)



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