Saturday, May 10, 2008


care bear/ day95

I heard about Project365 I think a few months before D was born, and I thought it was a fun idea but not something I could see myself committing to once the kiddo was born. Then today I was browsing new groups on flickr and found one called 365 Baby whereupon one is challenged to take a picture of your baby every day for a year. Seeing as I'm already taking pictures of D most days of the week, I figured this would be a fun, somewhat more realistic project to take on. And, to make it more special, I went back and started day 1 with the day D was born, so in the end it'll be the first 365 (er, mostly) days of his life. It's fun to look back at one picture for each day and see how quickly he's grown and changed already. I also was amazed at how the pictures really are all different-- I was afraid I'd start gathering the photos and they'd all the more or less the same baby shot. ; )

In other news, it looks like a move-back date for us is going to shape up to be around Nov 1st of this year. And I feel bad saying this b/c I really have loved living here and it's been great, but I'm also feeling ready to go back. I know we'd have a great life here, too, and we're blessed to have these multiple, incredible opportunities in front of us. But I keep finding myself being frustrated by issues like, well, trying to shop for baby bottles for D and all I have available is the polycarbonate bottles in stores here, or paying $$$ to have someone ship bottles to me b/c I can't seem to find online retailers that will ship to Switzerland. That, and I'm really starting to look forward to being close to family, and our California friends, many of whom have/are having babies that will make great little playmates for D. Of course, I know there will also be plenty of things that I'll miss about here, too. Like Frigor chocolate.

D is sleeping in his own room tonight, for the 2nd time. Last night didn't go that great, but I don't know how much of that had much to do with the room change as his night sleeping has been, er, erratic lately. We'll see how tonight goes. Zach spent 4 hrs at Ikea today getting some last things for his room, hopefully they'll be assembled and in place by the end of the weekend. It's a good thing babies stay immobile for several months after birth. ; )


  1. What a great idea! CAnnot wait to see the photos!
    HAPPY FIRST MOTHER"S is mother's day here tomorrow (I think in CH it is another day)

    ALSO, I am coming to CH in June for a month (2-30)
    i am trying to plan a coffee or lunch in Geneve with Jess and Debbie....It would be fun if you could join.
    I am thinking sometimes between the 4th-11th...but not the weekend (as I have two parties in Neuchatel)

  2. I love the 365 thing! When I turned 18, my mom made this album with a page spread for every year - how cool that Donovan will have every day of his whole friggin' life when he turns one :)

    I hope you all are getting beautiful spring/summer weather too! Your plan of moving back in late fall sounds like a good one, you'll get to enjoy the summer and not have to push through a long winter with a toddler. Oh and Happy (US) Mother's Day!

  3. Oh wow - I just realized it was your first mothers day thanks to Sabine!

    The 365 thing is so great, especially if you can make a book out of it in the end. I love the pic you've posted in this post of D..

    And it's rather funny that you are looking forward to going back to Cali. It's where I'm originally from but the things I miss most are in Switzerland... But I'm one of few - Sabine is definitely on my side for that though..

    At any rate, I'm sure you will look back on this experience no matter what.



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