Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gives new meaning to the phrase "The jaws of life"

Yesterday, was rough.

I am about 90% sure that D is teething. I had hoped we wouldn't have to deal with this for a while yet. Soon we'll have to worry about cleaning his teeth, biting and breastfeeding (ouch... and my nipples are already feeling a bit sore from him occasionally gumming them while feeding), etc... But before I start worrying about all that, we have to get through this current hurdle first.

It's been about a week that his sleep has been weird and he's been kinda weirdly fussy at times. Yesterday, though, was the worst day so far. Getting him to sleep was a bit easier, as I'm now trying to time things out so I nurse him right before bed/nap times, so he either falls asleep eating or is relaxed enough from nursing that he falls asleep fairly easily (read: little or no screaming) afterwards. MUCH better. However, he's been pretty miserable when awake. Yesterday he hardly was able to spend any time just hanging out playing, I was holding him most of the time b/c he'd scream otherwise, and then he'd cram his fingers/hand in his mouth and start gnawing frantically and seem to feel a bit better. It was exhausting, but I just felt so bad for the little guy.

I think I can see two little spots on his lower gum where the teeth might be coming up, but they haven't broken through yet and the really depressing part is that I keep reading that you can have teething symptoms for months (MONTHS!!!) before you actually see any teeth. =( I'm gonna see how today and tomorrow go, and if he's still miserable on Monday I might call our pediatrician to get him checked out, make sure there's nothing else bothering him.

He seems to be feeling a bit better today. We got him some teething rings this morning, hopefully those help, though the best thing seems to be his own fingers.

Zach leaves this afternoon for a work trip. He won't be back till Wednesday night. The timing kind of, um, SUCKS. To top it off he's been on the phone constantly since yesterday afternoon dealing with some would-be-humorous-if-it-weren't-so-annoying problems with the set-up for the show he's helping with. This should be his last long trip, any that come after this should be 1 night, tops.

On a lighter note... last night we had dinner next door with 2 of Zach's visiting coworkers, and our friends Bob, Aruna, and their daughter Jules. They hadn't seen D in a good month or 2. It was fun to see them, and D behaved well enough (I'd given him some baby tylenol earlier, and Zach and I traded off holding him through dinner). I'm also still very excited to be wearing more of my old clothes-- funny how that helps me feel a bit more like my old self.


  1. So if you think it is teething pick up some Chamomilla Vulgaris homeopathic granules at the pharmacy - 7ch or 9ch (that's the strength or dilution). They have a calming affect and work amazingly. You can give him 3-5 granules basically as often as you want but a few times a day. Because he is so little you could try dissolving the granules in a small amount of water and then spooning it into his mouth.

    If they have this product in Switzerland, even better:

    And this stuff saved us so have someone from the states pick some up for you, it is great stuff:

    Felix had 7 teeth at 7 months with the first one making its appearance at 4 months. It wasn't so bad...I really think the Chamomilla and the gel helped out a lot. Good luck!

  2. I hope both the teething and Zach'z trip go quickly for you! We are also in the midst of what I think is teething and it stinks!



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