Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So we went to the hearing appt this morning. D had no interest in eating when he woke up from his nap at 9am (his usual 2 hr feeding) and started screaming when I even tried to offer him the breast, but other than that he seemed fairly happy. He started getting fussy again when we got to the hospital ofr the ppt, but was fine if I took him out of the stroller and held him. At 10 I tried feeding him again (had gone 3 hrs at this point) and he again screamed at me for it. He finally ate some (10:20ish) while the doctor was checking his ears (perfectly normal, btw). It was only a quick feeding so I tried feeding him some more out in the waiting area, resulted in more screaming. He then fell asleep as we were walking out the door, so I headed to a nearby baby store and shopped for a bit, trying to give him a decent nap before heading back home.

We got home around noonish, he ate, then he went down for a nap at 1:15. Woke up crying at 2pm (usually he's fairly happy after naps, though this mid-day one he sometimes wakes up crying... I'm wondering if he's needing to start taking longer naps but can't get himself there yet). He ate, fell asleep on me and slept till 3:30. When he woke up crying.

He spent 30 minutes going from hysterical red-faced screaming, to smiling at me and babbling happily, and back again. At one point he was screaming and smiling at me at the same time. I finally just tried to put him back to sleep, which is where he is currently.

I'm guessing a lot of this is the crap sleep he got last night. But it also seemed like yesterday he sometimes would cry for no apparent reason, and then be happy and fine again (which, whatever was causing that may have caused the crap nighttime sleep as well?). I don't really know what's going on-- Is he still recovering from the weekend? Is he coming down with something? Is he reacting to the change in sleeping arrangement (since he's been napping more and more in his own room the past few days-- naps seem to be just as good/long in either room)? His 3 month check-up is tomorrow and I kinda want to ask his pediatrician about this, but I don't even know how to formulate a reasonable question other than, "He's being kinda wierd."


In other news, I got my package from Amazon in the mail today and started reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child while D slept on me earlier (I also have the Ferber book). I'm looking through the table of contents and reading the first chapter, and I can't wait to read it all as it certainly looks like a very promising and helpful book.

I also think I'm going to start a bit of a mom journal, just notes from each day that I write down at night so I can remember things better. Mostly behavioral, as I keep finding myself thinking about how D's been doing this or that, eating well or poorly, and can't objectively remember how long it's really been going on, when we go on outings (and how he seems to react to them), etc. I'm hoping having a written record will help, so I can look back and see whether he really has been cranky all week or if it just feels that way and it's only really been 2 days.


  1. I read and used Healthy Sleep Habits with success but in retrospect I wish I hadn't worried so much about it. I didn't end up trying any of the techniques until Felix was around 14 months. At the time I was happy with the techniques but after reading more books about unconditional parenting, I think I won't do it with my second. But who knows too! Everyone has to figure out what works for themselves and their baby.

    I know it is early...but it is you think D could be teething? Have you run a finger inside his mouth and felt his gums? It can start at 3-4 months...

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Make a wall chart. Put happy faces on the days he sleeps well, and mad faces on the days he doesn't.

    Or you could give him cards - green, yellow, and red. He starts the day on a green card, but if he gets cranky make him turn his card to yellow. If he has an exploding diaper, make him turn his card to red.

  3. I was thinking gas, but teething is a real possibility. Can't believe he's that old already. Ryan popped out teeth in pairs and had 4 out about this age. Orajel is awful, try it on yourself. Ask the ped about Tylenol and when it's safe to use it. Other than that, some things to gnaw on. Ryan didn't like the cold chew toy but she had this squishy red rubber one that had different textures and a squeaky clown with hard plastic hands from Discovery toys. She would chew on that poor clown constantly.

    But yeah, two reasons for a cranky baby are gassy tummy or sore gums.

    Sounds like he's pretty normal!

  4. here's a link for that teether - the rubber doesn't taste funny and it can go in the dishwasher

  5. KidKate5:32 PM

    I got a lot out of Healthy Sleep Habits, but the trick is not to take it too literally--I think that's where people run into trouble. Just read what he has to say and adapt it to what feels comfortable for you. I never did the hour-long CIO during naps for example. I made my own 10-minute no-intervention rule (while I sat w/ her in her room) and that worked for us. You'll just have to work out what works for you!

    Also, don't feel like you have to read it cover to cover. It can be kind of redundant and so I eventually just skipped around until I found what I needed. I remember being halfway through the book before he said something about the morning nap not usually emerging until 16 weeks. And I had been KILLING myself trying to get that kid to nap--then around 16 weeks, sure enough...

    Good luck! It sounds like D is already miles ahead most babies in teh sleep dept.



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