Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When D is happy, he is SO happy-- all smiles, we even got some laughs today! He'll be so cute and fun, and will be able to hang out with his toys and entertain himself, and just be so great.

When he isn't happy, though... Along with all those smiles, there was a lot of screaming today. High-pitched shrieking. At the changing table, while feeding, when trying to go to sleep, etc. I'm really glad Zach worked from home today, without his help today would have been a bit of a nightmare. I'm also worried about how the following days will go, and next week when he's gone on a business trip (his longest since the birth, btw, 4 nights I think?).

After getting many suggestions that perhaps D is teething, I looked up some info on the symptoms today. He does have several of them (fussiness, trouble sleeping, drooling, wanting to put everything in his mouth, clamping down on my nipples occasionally with his gums...). Of course many of these symptoms (like with so many baby-related issues) could be teething, or could be something else, or could just be completely random. And until he either gets better or we see some teeth, we will remain clueless.

We were supposed to have his follow-up screening and consultation with a nephrologist today at the hospital, to check on if he has VUR. If he's in the clear, we can stop giving him the antibiotic. If he isn't, we'll need to keep giving it to him daily till he outgrows the reflux... which could be years. Unfortunately the hospital never sent us anything telling us the time of the appointment, and I completely forgot to call until this weekend, yesterday was a holiday so the offices were closed, and when I finally called this morning I caught the part about the consultation being at 5pm, but not that we needed to go in for the test separately, at 10am. Frustrating, to say the least. So we went at 5pm, realized the mix-up, and now we have to wait till next week-- the screening on Monday, the consultation on Tuesday. Zach will be in Prague for work.

I need to get better at taking advantage of his naps and sleep a bit, myself. I am exhausted.

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