Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I kinda feel bad for our pediatrician...

We have an appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow at noon, and I've got a pretty long laundry list of stuff to ask him about:

- The poops with the blood in them (thursday, friday monday, tuesday, a little today). BTW we still haven't heard back from the hospital with any results from the tests they ran, I guess that means they didn't find anything... which leads me to think it's likely a food allergy?

- His increased fussiness, which could be related to a food allergy, or to teething. He started up with more drooling and gum gnashing today, which he hadn't been doing as much this week.

- His right eye has had some goop in it each day the past few days, and today has looked slightly red.

- BTW his temperature is slightly high (99.5F yesterday, 100.0F today-- not quite a fever, but not normal baseline, either). Teething? Infection of some type?

- He's been spitting up more than he used to, about once (or more) after every feeding, though a lot of the time he just kinda spits up in his mouth so I hear it but don't see it (I know, gross.... but I already mentioned his poops in this post so I guess etiquette about mentioning bodily fluids already went out the window). He also sometimes gets really upset when feeding, and tends to spit up more after that, which could be some acid reflux or just swallowing air.

- He didn't do it today, but almost every other day the past few weeks he's had at least one nap at which he has a hard time staying asleep (wakes up after 5-10 mins, even though he's exhausted and will usually go back to sleep whithin minutes of me picking him up again). Could be somehow related to one of the above problems, could be completely random baby behavior.

Perhaps I should've booked 2 appointments back to back...

In other news, I have an appointment to get my hair-cut tomorrow afternoon. Which means I get to go pay way too much for a fun magazine and then sit for 30 minutes, uninterrupted, getting to read it while someone makes my hair presentable again. I'm pretty excited about this. (It's the small pleasures in life...)

Oh, I also have a date with some girlfriends to go see the Sex and The City movie on Tuesday night. I AM SO PSYCHED. I kinda feel bad for Zach, b/c he could potentially have a pretty disastrous evening-- we're still unsure how D will do with being given a bottle (haven't tried in a week or 2, I'm kinda hoping that with me out of the house and not having had one in a while he'll decide it's not so bad after all?). Oh, and his 4 month check-up will be that day. At which he'll get his second round of vaccines. But you know what? I'm also quite excited. Especially since the girls are getting together for drinks beforehand and Zach insisted I go meet them for that as well, and since I'll be at the movie after and won't need to nurse for hours I can actually have a cocktail. ( Again, small pleasures.) But for someone who's hardly indulged in more than a half-glass of wine sipped over the course of several hours in a good year, it'll be kind of a nice treat.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM


    Uber bonus points for Zach, encouraging you to go not only to the movie, but to the get-together beforehand. :)

    The pediatrician's there to answer your questions. That's his job, and he should know you're a first-time mom, and will have a bazillion questions. Ask away!

  2. I hope you get some answers from the doc! and enjoy the wine and the movie!!!

  3. Jackie5:20 AM

    The eye problem sounds like conjunctivitis (pink eye). I was at the pediatrician's with my youngest yesterday as she has the same thing. The doctor will probably give you drops. That might explain the fever as he's probably under the weather. My dd's dr mentioned adenovirus as she also has a sore throat, cough etc.
    Have fun at the movies. I remember those days when any chance to get out of the house by yourself meant so much. I sometimes used to just hand the baby over to my hubby and go upstairs and read a magazine by myself for a while and just that little break felt so good.
    It's tough being a new mom.



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