Tuesday, May 06, 2008

something's not right here...

There's a little baby happily babbling away on his playmat right now.

A little baby who's supposed to be asleep.

Who was put down for bed at 9pm. And then woke up at 10. And has fallen back asleep at least 3-4 times, only to wake up crying 5 minutes later.

I finally gave up, brought him downstairs, and he's now, as mentioned above, playing and as happy as can be. This might be the happiest he's been all day, actually.

At least he's happy and not screaming.

We'll see how long that lasts...

EDIT: (Wed 8:17am) He finally did got to sleep at 12:30am. Then woke up at 4, and again at 7. He's now taking his morning nap (which, oddly, is the one nap of the day where he falls asleep all by himself, unswaddled... go figure). I keep finding myself making comments like "he's been kinda weird today," you know, as if there was such a thing as NORMAL behavior for him. He's still being kinda weird (see?) about his feedings (like wanting to eat every hour parts of yesterday) and I keep thinking it's a growth spurt, except do growth spurts last two whole weeks? I didn't think so.

So last night he got a grand total of about 6 hrs of overnight sleep, as opposed to his usual 8-10. And today (Wednesday) I have to take him into town to get a hearing test (totally routine, nothing to worry about) so whatever routine we've had is probably gonna get upset and, well, I'm trying to be optimistic but today might be rough. Esp since Zach's off on a one-day business trip today and won't be back till 10pm. Hopefully D will be asleep by then.


  1. I hope you all managed to get some sleep!

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    His body is set to California time. That's why he won't go to bet at normal Swiss times.



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