Friday, June 01, 2007

The Parents

The Parents (aka Mom and Philip) are here, I found them at the train station (recognized Philip first from hos trademark hat). We put their luggage in the lockers at the train station and went off walking a bit, and found a place for lunch. It was kinda rainy, but thankfully it never got too bad while we were walking-- at one point it was POURING while we were sitting down inside for lunch.

We then got the luggage and made our way home on the bus. We've since hung out at the house, I showed them all our pictures from Chile, we walked over to the bakery for some bread and milk, and then I made dinner. The parents brought us a ton of goodies, including 2 sets of sheets, a Method o-mop and extra supplies, and new Mary Kay moisturizer from Lindsey (which comes just in time, I've been having trouble pumping the last bits out of my old Clinique bottle). Woot!!

Tomorrow at some point I'll be taking The Parents to the airport to get their rental car, and then they'll be off to their time share place in France.


  1. yay for gifts from "home!"
    i'll see if i can't send some with zach.

  2. I LOVE having visitors, particularly when they bring loads of goodies from the States! I often feel like a fish out of water in London--can't imagine how you are doing it with having to learn a new language. Good for you!



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