Saturday, June 09, 2007

I was just thinking to myself how I've felt like I had more energy the past few days, and then today I'm hit with this... tiredness. I had sort of a long day yesterday, and somehow that's left me tired and with very sore thighs and back... no clue why, really. Does pregnancy make you more susceptible to muscle soreness?? Oh well. I'm about 5 weeks along now. Yay!

I talked to Lindsey online the other day, and I kinda let the news slip out. She was SUPER excited. I think she'll be pretty glad to have a cousin for Ryan, even if they'll be nearly 5 years apart.

Today I take off to go to the mountains with Mom and Philip, one of their time-share places. They don't know yet. Zach gets back Monday, I think we'll all have dinner together Monday night and that's when we'll share the news. However I wonder if they're already suspicious, as I haven't been drinking wine, and accidentally left my pregnancy planner book out the other day when they arrived. Oh well. Will be fun to have it out in the open, either way. =)

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