Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Rant, and a Rave

I am getting so frustrated with French class lately... today we were talking about a certain way to phrase certain ideas, and there was some tiny nuance of when you used one form and when you used another, and I just couldn't understand it. I guess it's just one of those things unique to a language that you have to memorize what goes with what. The most infuriating part is when the teacher acts SHOCKED that you're having trouble b/c "it's so logical!" OF COURSE it's logical to you, this is your native language!!! I swear she's changing up the way she explains things. And then there's things like how yesterday we talked about a certain vocab word for a while, and explained it one way, and then today when a girl who had been absent asked what the word meant, the definition the teacher gave was completely different. Maybe the word has multiple meanings... I guess I'll have to go look it up. I'll be done after this week, but I'm so temped to just stop now and not go the last few days. Except one of the other women in the class is gone this week and I promised her I'd send her the notes of what we covered each day. I guess it's only 3 more days. I used to like this class so much... what's happened?

After class I met up with 2 gals for lunch, and we had a really great time. We went to Chez Ma Cuisine (which will from now on be known as "the chicken place") in Old Town. Their signature dish includes a half a roasted chicken, french fries, and salad for $15 (a STEAL in these parts). One of them, Kathy, is thinking about going into teaching, and started asking me questions about Montessori so I got to go into my whole schpiel on how much I love Montessori and why. =P She seemed to really like what she was hearing. I offered to lend her some books I have so she could read up on it more, and she gladly accepted. Yay! I'm always happy spreading the Montessori love around. =)

Our lunch was very much a European one-- after finishing our meal, we sat there talking for so long that the waitress had to come up to us and ask us to pay as I think her shift was ending! All 3 of us being Americans, used to waiting around for what feels like forever for a waiter to close out the bill, we had a pretty good laugh about it. We then made tentative plans to get together for lunch again next week, gave each other 3 kisses goodbye, and were off.

As I was walking back towards the bus stop I stopped into a small "papeterie" and bought a cloth-bound photo album, the kind with the black pages that look all artsy and cool. Shortly after we got married my mother-in-law sent me a manila folder filled with Zach's old baby pictures. They're all adorable, and have been sitting in said folder for years... which seems like an awful waste. I think I'll put them in this album so they're displayed and organized a bit better.


  1. NOOO!!! Must use Creative Memories!!!

    I thought they'd come up with a black album, with black pages so it'd look all old-timey and stuff...

    I have a stack of photos I ordered from Snapfish with Spain pictures. I've had the photos for a few weeks now, sitting next to the album...

  2. misslucy1:00 PM

    Cool - you are a Montessori teacher!!! We are HUGE fans of Montessori, well, usually. The move to Geneva has been traumatic for our 3.5 year old, and she had to leave all her friends in her Montessori back home. It has been rough, and today we got her report card from her new Montessori...ugh. We are still close to our Montessori teachers back home (they are like family), and if the directress of our school (the infant program) had not been retiring, there is no way my husband could have persuaded me to move to Geneva -- I wanted our son to have the same experiece. Alas, he won't. I am thinking of getting some Montessori books, and trying to recreate as much of the infant program at home as I can (although pedagogically inclined I am not).

    It is encouraging to see you liking things here; I am finding it tough with 2 young children, creating a new home, and finding work. Not mention grocery shopping and finding the doctor...

  3. misslucy-- do you have The Know-It-All Passport book? It is FABULOUS for helping you find things like shopping and doctors, etc, and has lots and lots of kid-friendly activities and things to do near Geneva.

    There's a few very good books on creating a Montessori environment in the home, let me know if you want any recommendations, though as a general rule anything written by anyone in the Lilliard family is very good! =) I'm currently reading Montessori From The Start (from birth to 3 yrs) and it's great. =)

  4. misslucy3:29 AM

    Marcy -- yes, we have the Passport; I just can't seem to FIND (i.e., with a car) the doctor that I DO have! Hopeless, I know! (and I have to go back with x-rays, as I think I broke my toe last week).

    I would LOVE and greatly appreciate any hints, recommendations, suggestions etc. that you might have for me with respect to a Montessori environment! (We really need to reinforce the Montessori teachings much more in the home than we currently do). If you are ever at a loose end, you are cordially invited to pop over for a visit -- tea and a chat (and I could sure use some girl-chat too!) We live in Grand-Saconnex, if that is anywhere near you. Let me know if you are interested!

  5. misslucy- why don't you send me an email? (mightymarce@gmail.com) That way we can exchange info and perhaps try to get together sometime. =)



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