Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mountains, Galore... and a Birthday Wish!

I had a very nice, relaxing weekend with The Parents... the keyword being relaxing. We hardly did much of anything, other than sit around, enjoy the views from the condo they're staying in, and read lots. They're staying in a tiny little mountain resort close to Montreaux, and up a fairly treacherous road up the side of a mountain-- lots of switchbacks on a narrow road. I sure am glad I wasn't driving... however the views were AMAZING! We arrived Saturday afternoon, got checked in and settled, had a fabulous dinner cooked by Philip (we got groceries on the way, the condo has a full kitchen), and after watching a bit of TV we hit the sack. Mom actually went out for a nice walk on Sunday in the early afternoon, while Philip and I napped/rested, and then a bit later it started raining and thundering. It was neat to watch it rain out there. Monday we got up early and headed back into town, eager to meet Zach on his way back in after spending nearly 2 weeks away in California.

We all 4 headed into town, walking around Old Town despite the rain, then ending up at "the chicken place" for an early dinner. The Parents stayed with us last night, this morning we all got to have a bit of a late breakfast together (Zach didn't head off to work till nearly 11:30am!). I have to say, one of the best perks of having Mom and Philip visit is getting to have Philip's cooking, especially for breakfast. =)

Now The Parents are headed back to the mountains for the rest of the week. Zach and I will join them Thursday morning, I think, and stay until Saturday, at which time we'll return to Geneva and they'll spend their last week here with us, exploring the city a bit more.

These are a couple pictures of the views out of the condo where The Parents are staying this week:
(you can see part of the windy mountain road here, weaving through the town off to the left and on down the mountain side)Mom and Philip in the rain, beside the cathedral in Old Town.
Now, last but not least, today is a very special day. Today, my wonderful husband turns 27 years old (we're still allowed to tell each other's age, right? Does that stop at 30? =P ). Zach's kinda hard to shop for, as he's not that into material things and he already has all the camping gear he could ever want, so instead I took all of his baby pictures that have been sitting in an envelope in a closet these past several years, and put them in an album. I showed it to him this morning, and he seemed to really like it. =) After all, he was a pretty adorable baby, and these pictures need to be shared and displayed better, don't they? One of our personal faves in the one of him, at 1 or 2 months old, sticking his tongue out (on the right page in the pic). Precious, isn't he? ; )
Happy birthday, hunny!!


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Haha! That picture is definitely "Zach."

  2. Happy Bday to the Zach Hubby!
    Awww... cute pic of the parents under the umbrella. YAY for relaxing!

  3. happy birthday zach! what a cute kid!



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