Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week 6: Nausea Sets In

I've been feeling pretty good, but then last week I started feeling tired again, and then in the past few days my stomach's been acting up... sort of just upset. Last night and up to this morning I was having to force myself to eat, even though nothing tasted good. I felt better today at dinner, but I'm still feeling just a bit... off. I'm having to eat small bits every few hours, and I seem to bet going for either water-packed fruits and veggies (apples, cucumber) or simple starches (crackers, pretzels). Last night I woke up at 3am feeling pretty crappy, and had to come downstairs and eat something before being able to go back to sleep around 4. My legs have also been feeling more achy, the muscles more tight. No idea if that's pregnancy-related, exactly.

I told Jen the news last night... she was SUPER excited. =) It was very very cute. She says she's gonna HAVE to come out and visit us, when I have a big plump belly. I tried calling JC and Cristina, too, but they didn't answer. Don't people know when I have really good news to tell them??? ; )

The tadpole's heart should be beating now, I'm hoping to get to see/hear it at the ultrasound on Thursday morning! All the internal organs are beginning to form. Last week it was the size of an apple seed, this week apparently it's about the size of a sweet pea. Crazy, huh? I can no longer be accused of being lazy... I mean, I'm creating a human being inside me. That takes WORK! =P

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