Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In My Little Garden Bed...

I gave myself a day off from class today. It's been nice. I slept in (in my now very dark bedroom, which can also be very nice and bright when I want it to be... weeee!) and spent the morning doing different stuff in the house, like washing dishes and, well, lounging about. Then in the afternoon I made my way over to a garden center in a nearby town and got a bunch of pretty flowers and some tools so I could pretty up our yard (not that it needs any help). It wound up costing a bit more than I had anticipated, but look how pretty everything is now!! =P
This is the window by our front door. Each of those plants I'd had before, and the garden gnome is the one the neighbors gave us a while back.

These are some of the flowers on one of the new plants I got today-- I LOVE them, so pretty!

My pretty new flower boxes, filled with petunias.

This is what one wall of our yard now looks like, with my flower boxes sitting on the ledge. The flowers on the very top of the wall are the neighbors'.

It all looks very nice right now. We'll see how long that lasts. I don't have the best history with plants... My trouble has usually been watering, really, I need to figure out a schedule to do it regularly. Hopefully all the Swiss rain will help, too.


  1. How cute! You, my friend, have a gift :) I'm agriculturally challenged, so I just admire plants in other people's yards and houses, and spare them an untimely death in mine.

  2. Great pics Marcy. The flowers that you love are fuschia...I feel in love with them at Buchard Gardens in Victoria, Canada.



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