Saturday, June 02, 2007

sinking in

I'm still in such disbelief over this whole pregnancy deal. I just can't believe we're HAVING A BABY!!!! I was just thinking of it a few minutes ago, picturing us holding this tiny little being that will be entering our lives in approximately 8 months, and I got tears in my eyes. It seems so surreal.

I haven't had too many symptoms, or they haven't been very obvious-- I've been feeling more tired (I get winded more easily it seems, I'll walk a few blocks and climb some stairs and my heart will be POUNDING inside my chest), had some bloating/gas, and have notice that at times I'm a bit more emotional than what I usually think I am. I've also gotten occasional twinges and funny feelings in my boobs, they almost feel heavier but I haven't noticed any definite visual difference yet. It's funny, ever since I took that first test I've had this "feeling" down in my lower abdomen, which totally makes me feel pregnant. I don't know what it is, or if it's psychosomatic or what. It's nice, though. Makes it all seem a bit more real. I'm finally realizing that YES, this is real, this is true, I am really pregnant, and my biggest threat/worry is a miscarriage. However I read somewhere that for someone my age the chance is only 10%. I think I'll just continue my habit of thinking positively.

Mom and Philip got into town yesterday, and left today to spend a week at their resort. Mom asked me today over lunch if we're thinking about babies. ; ) I just smiled and said, "yeah, we're thinking about it." I can't till Zach gets back from his trip, and we can tell them the good news. They're going to be so excited.

Beware, one symptom of pregnancy is brain rot, so if I repeat myself a lot in these posts, just chalk it up to that. ; )

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