Monday, June 18, 2007

Trapesing Around Town

The Parents and I headed into town this afternoon and did lots of shopping for gifts for family back in Texas. Not all of it is strictly "swiss" type stuff, but cute things that I think people will enjoy. =) And, of course, there should be plenty of chocolate to share.

Zach met up with us later on and we all had dinner together, then went walking around by the water for a bit. I've forgotten how nice the Quai de Mont Blanc can be, I need to go hang out there more often. It seems we arrived just after a large cultural demonstration had ended-- there were a bunch of men and women dressed in traditional Swiss mountain gear with those big, long wooden horns, packing everything up. It's a shame we missed it!

We had glorious weather today, I'm quite thankful for that. Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day, and we can take The Parents over to Carouge.

I think I'll sleep well tonight... my feet and lower back are feeling beat up from walking around all day!

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