Thursday, June 07, 2007

Buffet Canadien

I miss Zach. =(

He gets back on Monday, so I don't have much longer to wait. Still, it sucks. At the end of the month he'll need to go to the east coast for work again, only be for 4-5 days, but it means he'll have been gone for half the month. I guess we sorta signed up for this when we decided to move here. Oh well.

It was sunny and warm earlier today, but all of a sudden it's gotten dark and stormy outside. Not anything like a Texas t-storm, but more rain and lightning than I've seen in a while. It's strange, it actually feels like it's getting late since it's darker outside... normally these days it'll still be light out almost until 10pm.

Tomorrow is the last day of French class. I can't say I'm that upset about it. I think the class has run its course with me. Today was ok, but still... Then again give me a week or 2 without it and I might be bored to tears. Anyway, we're having a pot-luck lunch after class (called "buffet Canadien" in French, apparently), so I'm making some pumpkin bread. I figure that will be a novelty for most people (I don't think Europeans usually associate pumpkin with dessert or sweet things), and it's also easy to make and bring to class with me in the morning. As an added bonus, there should be a decent amount left for when Zach gets home, which will mean major brownie points for me. =P

I signed up to get Glamour magazine shipped out here, and they said it'd take about 6-8 weeks to get my first copy. That was before leaving for Chile. So it's been... ok, I guess it's only been 7 weeks. I'm getting impatient, though.

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  1. that it's called a "buffet canadien" cracks me up for some reason. i'd have thought it'd be "buffet american." only cause it seems like food free-for-alls originate here, not because i'm completely obtuse and american-centric.



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