Saturday, June 02, 2007


We all slept in late this morning, finally got around to breakfast at about noon. Philip took over his usual role as Pancake Chef, and we were able to enjoy some of the delicious maple syrup that was part of the care package I got from the parents from school. Later on in the afternoon, we enjoyed a late lunch at the village restaurant, after having picked up The Parents' rental car from the airport. Lunch was good, we got a visit from the little black and white kitty that hangs out by our kitchen window sometimes. He apparently also spends lots of time at the restaurant, begging for food. Mom, Philip and I were each having steak, and the cat was hanging out right next to the table and meowing pathetically at us (we were sitting at the outdoor patio). It was pretty cute. Then some kids came by and started playing with the cat, at which point the cat seemed to pretty much disappear.

At one point at lunch Mom got a bit of a curious little smile on her face and asked The Question:" So... are you and Zach thinking about babies?" lol... I guess Ryan's getting old enough to not satisfy the baby cravings anymore, huh? ; )

After lunch The Parents took off to their time share in France. They're only an hour away or so, so I might be seeking them again before the end of the week. It's fun having them around, and Mom is just so excited and so impressed by where we're living and how adorable this area is, and so happy for us. Fortunately today was also a really beautiful day-- yesterday it was so rainy and dreadful, it was nice to get to hang around in the sunshine a bit. Sierra seems to have also very much enjoyed Mom and Philip's presence, I swear she remembers them from other visits and she seemed much more comfortable around them than she has around anyone else that's come into our house since arriving here. Or maybe she's just taking all the extra attention she can get, as Zach (aka Sierra's favorite) is away...


  1. Glad you are having some visitors while Zach is away.
    So... you didn't give us the answer to the question... are you thinking about babies?

  2. That is so funny! Laura and Brian are dropping comments, so that might have also piqued the baby question. I didn't expect to hear it from your mom, but she was really cute and grandma-ish about birthday presents for Ryan.
    Ryan is ready for some cousins, whenever ya'll are ready ;)
    What about the hornet? And thanks so much for the links in prior post!!! Let me know how you like the moisturizer too

  3. Haha, stand strong! I need to get on your Geneva visit calendar before all the spots are taken...and you guys are welcome in London anytime after I finally get there next Monday. Although all I have to offer is a London-sized flat, so be prepared to be cozy :)



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